AGAIN Serving Our Usual (unusual) TREATS Tues-Sat 12-5:30PM:

Don’t see the treat you are looking for? Want to add specific herbs to a batch of treats? Interested in mail order? For all inquiries regarding Tulsi Treats please contact Fiona at

Tulsi Treats are available for purchase at 34 Elm Street Tues-Sat from 12-5:30. These hearty energy snacks are optimal if you don’t have time to grab lunch or need a little something extra to get you through a couple hours until your next square meal. Some snack options include adaptogens—herbs that are know for their ability both energize and help the body adjust to stress. We have new creations as well that include but are not limited to: C-B-Delicate, Volcanna, Super-Spiro, Eleuthereal, Aphrodesia and Orange Sunshine.