Saturday, November 10th

Buttercup Squash Curry Soup with ginger and coconut milk

Mycoimmunity Soup with local mushrooms, ginger, garlic, greens, squash or carrots

Red lentil with asparagus, red cabbage and spinach

Plain dosa ($4.95) or samosa ($4.75) 

Limited communal seating will be available from 11-4 in upstairs office, so come in and have a bowl and a snack. 

Email pre-orders for take home quantities, specify preferred pick up time. 

1/2 gallon -  $23.00 

1 quart -  $11.90

1 pint - $5.95 

*Jar deposit $1.00 or bring your own. 

Saturday, December 1st

Save the date:) Menu to be determined additional email will be send out.

Pregnancy and Lactation Support

1/2 gallon Nettle Minestrone Soup

1/2 gallon Miyeokguk – Korean Seaweed Soup

1 qt. cooked Barley

1 qt Sautéed Veggie, primarily dark leafy greens

1 pint Ghee with Ayurvedic Spices (per constitution)

1 qt. Coconut-Date Milk with Cardamom

6 Almond Butter/Date treats with shatavari, ashwaganda, and fennel.

$79.90 + refundable jar deposit ($1.00/jar)