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Tulsi Tea Room is no longer serving daily lunches! Tulsi Take Home Meals and Tulsi Treats are now branches of Tulsi Tea Room, LLC. Formerly a full service tea room and Indian Food restaurant, Tulsi now is exclusively special order meals, catering, and Tulsi continues to offer its gluten and dairy free treats. 

MENU THIS WEEK for 3/17:

Vegetable Curry

~Green Curry with shiitake mushrooms and garlic

~Aloo Saag


~Idli Sambar - curried red lentils with steamed rice and lentil flour dumplings

Snacks and Quick Lunches

~Forbidden Black Rice Risotto with Squash($5.25 pt/ $10.50 qt)

~6" Frittata with herbed potatoes, greens and optional mozzarella ($7.25) 

~Masala dosa stuffed with mixed greens ($5.00)

~Dosa plate with chutneys 11.95 - add aloo (+1.45)

~ Tulsi Samosas - made with aloo gobi - minimum order of 3 ($4.75 each)



~Coconut Chutney 

~Beetroot Chutney 

~Bayley Hazen Krauts: 1.) lactofermented mixed vegetables (cabbage, carrots, radishes) - $8.00/pt) 2.) Pickled ginger carrots  - $6.00/8oz



Mushroom Barley with local shiitake and oyster mushrooms ($5.25 pt/$10.50qt) 


Available in the following sizes:

1/2 gallon - dal $21.00, veg curry $23.00 

1 quart - dal $10.50, veg curry $11.90

1 pint - dal $5.25, veg curry $5.95


4 oz: $4.25

8oz (1/2 pint): $8.50

Bring your own jar for exchange or $1.00 jar deposit. 



Iron Maiden: Black and white sesame seeds, GF oat flour, pumpkin seeds, honey, herbal iron syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg.

$1.95 each - 4 for $6!! 











How does it work? Tulsi Take Home Meals are prepared entrees, including curries, dals, soups and dosas, that are packaged in mason jars and available for pick up or delivery on Saturdays. 

Step 1: Add your name to our mailing list. Emails will be sent out weekly with the specials available for that week. 

Step 2: Select the quantity you desire of this week menu items and add to shopping cart. 

Step 3: Pick up at Tulsi 12:30pm-4pm every Saturday unless otherwise indicated. Home Deliveries are $15 within a 15 mile radius of Montpelier. 

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