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Tulsi Treats

Newest Treat: Ma-Kava-Java: This new treat is a triad featuring Maca for continual energy and adrenal support, Kava to relax, and coffee for…we all know what coffee is for.

Tulsi Treats: unique, tasty, organic, gluten and dairy free. Available for purchase online or in person at 34 Elm St. Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5:30PM.


Tulsi Tea Room originated as a collective. Solenne Thompson took over as owner and chef in 2012 forming Tulsi Tea Room LLC. Tulsi Tea Room continued to serve not only as a restaurant and tea room, but also as a warm place for the Montpelier community to gather and communicate, from 2013 to 2017. Throughout that time Thompson continued to sell her beautiful treats that have since become known as ‘Tulsi Treats.’ The original treats, along with some new inventions, are still available for purchase. Thompson is currently a practicing RN and is studying to be a dietary consultant for pregnant and postpartum women. Once in a blue moon she still offers take-home meals. If you would like to receive notifications for her take home meals please sign up for the mailing list. Fiona Sullivan has since taken over the Tulsi Treat production.