Tulsi Take Home Meals

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Tulsi Tea Room is now offering prepared home meals for you to take home during the long week we are not open! Vegetable curries, dal, soups, savory snack and treats made by special order. Specializing in nutrient dense meals with Ayurvedic spice blends, local vegetables and vegetarian protein. Excellent healthy meals for anyone with specific nutritional goals for physiological support, the postpartum period, restricted diets, or always just supplementary meals!

Below is a basic outline of our offerings. All items can be catered to particular nutritional goals or needs. More variety available upon request. I prefer to cook with locally available seasonal items, so when there is an abundance of something, prepare to see it in a couple different variations!

Main Meal

Vegetable Soup

Lentil Dal

Vegetable Coconut Curry

Super Greens Masala Sauce

Stir Fry Vegetables


$18.00/1/2 gallon jar


Red Quinoa


Brown Rice

White Rice



$9.00/1/2 gallon jar


Plain Ghee

Spices Ghee

Herb Pesto

Chutney (Tamarind, Herb, Carrot Ginger, or Lemon Leek)

$6.00/ 1/2 pint

Savory Snacks

Dosas ($3.50/each)

Nori Rolls($5.75 each) of choice 

Potato Vegetable Samosa ($4.75 each)

Kitchari ($8.50/qt, $15/ ½ gallon jar)


See Tulsi Confections Page




All item listed above are a la carte. Mix and Match as you please.

Here are some package options:

Single Person Weekly Staples:

1 qt dal*

1 qt curry or soup*

1 qt grain*

1 pint chutney*

2 dosas or samosas with aloo

$35.55 + refundable jar deposits ($1.00/jar)

2 person Weekly Staples:

1/2 gallon soup

1 qt curry or dal*

1 qt grain*

1 qt sautéed veggies*

4 savory snacks*

$61.80 + refundable jar deposits ($1.00/jar)

*Chef’s seasonal choice unless otherwise requested.

Pregnancy and Lactation Support

1/2 gallon Nettle Minestrone Soup

1/2 gallon Miyeokguk – Korean Seaweed Soup

1 qt. cooked Barley

1 qt Sautéed Veggie, primarily dark leafy greens

1 pint Ghee with Ayurvedic Spices (per constitution)

1 qt. Coconut-Date Milk with Cardamom

6 Almond Butter/Date treats with shatavari, ashwaganda, and fennel.

$79.90 + refundable jar deposit ($1.00/jar) 

Immunity Support 

1/2 gallon MycoImmunity Soup (local Shiitake and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, ginger, garlic, butternut squash and greens)

1/2 gallon Down to the Roots Soup (Burdock, Astragalus and Tumeric stock with local veggies)

1 qt Red Quinoa

1 qt. Sautéed Fresh Burdock, Shiitakes and Greens

1 pint Ghee with Ayurvedic Spices (per constitution)

1/2 gallon Lemony Drink (Fresh lemons, ginger, turmeric, pinch cayenne, lemon balm, elderberry and honey)

$74 + refundable jar deposit ($1.00/jar)



email solenne@tulsitearoom.com to place an order