Raw Confections


Blue Moon Cakes: Blueberry spiced filling sandwiched by thick chocolate

Organic raw cacao powder, Organic coconut oil, Organic local honey, Organic unsweetened blueberries, Organic cinnamon, Organic nutmeg and Organic cardamom

Almond Dream Machine: Maple roasted almonds integrated into dark chocolate nugget

Organic raw cacao powder, Organic coconut oil, Organic local honey, Organic almonds, maple syrup

Zest: Freshly grated orange rind and ginger lace dark chocolate accented by hibiscus

Organic raw cacao powder, Organic coconut oil, Organic local honey, Organic orange rind, Organic ginger, Organic hibiscus powder


Gogi Apparatus: Creamed almond and chocolate carry earth medicines: gogi berries and adaptogenic herbs

Organic almond butter, Organic pumpkin seeds,  Organic raw local honey,  Organic raw cacao powder, Organic gogi berries, Organic licorice powder, Organic eleuthro powder, Organic ashwaganda powder, Organic maca powder, Organic cinnamon, Organic nutmeg, and Organic cardamom

Gogi apparatus with color copy

Marco Polo: Almond butter lightened by rice puffs with tart cranberry bursts and nutty grain highlights

Organic almond butter, Organic raw local honey, rice puffs, Organic cranberries,Organic  millet, Organic quinoa, Organic cinnamon, Organic nutmeg, Organic cloves, and Black sesame seeds

Raw Cookie: Hazelnut and raisin base decorated with a little bit of everything in the fruit, nut and seed department

Organic hazelnuts, Organic sunflower seeds, Organic raisins, Organic cashew butter, Organic local honey, Organic coconut, Organic pumpkin seeds, Organic flax seeds, Organic cranberries, Organic cinnamon, Organic nutmeg, Organic cloves

Matcha Mist: Cool and refreshing coconut with a blast of green focus energy throughout.

Organic coconut,  Organic raw coconut butter, Organic raw honey, Organic matcha green tea powder, crystallized ginger

Raw Cupcakes: Maple black walnut, Chai, Carrot and other varieties*

Organic dates, Organic walnuts, Organic coconut butter, Organic local honey

*other ingredients will vary seasonally

8pce box